~  The Journey to Wild Divine  ~

The Journey to Wild Divine is an enchanting, non-violent, spiritual computer odyssey for body, mind and spirit that links hi-tech biosensors to your computer to create a truly interactive, enlightening, and entertaining multi-media experience. Adventure through a mythical world of towering palaces, sacred temples, sumptuous gardens and wise mentors where you are challenged to deepen your self-awareness with every step you take. Stunning 3D life-like graphics/video and a visionary soundtrack combine with the three special "magical ring" biofeedback sensors that slip easily onto the ends of three fingers of one hand to train you to raise your energy, concentrate and focus, and also to deeply relax body and mind. There are over 25 chapters to explore in this magical, visionary world. Healthy, empowering and fun for young and old.
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Sun Gate   Valley of Balloons   Tower of Legends

Box Contents:
• Set of three "Magic Ring" biosensors with connecting cable
• "Light Stone" Energy Translator
• USB cable

CD-ROM Software:
• One installation set (2 CD-ROMs) for PC
• One installation set (2 CD-ROMs) for Macintosh

• User’s Manual
• "Soul Flight" Music CD
• Companion Guide to The Journey

System Requirements:
1.5 GB of Disk Space
256 MB or more of free available system RAM
800 X 600, 24-bit color display
CD-Rom drive
QuickTime 6.3 or higher

- Intel Pentium III, 800 Mghz processor or higher
- Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
- 16 MB video card

- G3 or G4
- Mac OSX v10.1 or later

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